Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Someone is sitting in this office eating what smells like reheated cat food. Possibly liver and rabbit flavour.

There are about 40 people sharing the space, and now we're all sharing the smell of whatever is being enjoyed by one of them for lunch. Nice.

I am not having a good day. It started quite well, with an early arrival at work, a clear run here thanks to the school holidays and a distinct lack of tractors on the road, but it's been sliding downwards since about 11am. Ah well.

Off to the gym after I finish this afternoon which will make me feel better.

Talking of tractors, I was stuck behind an old one last night, trundling along the little road into our village. It was raining hard so I was content to sit behind it, not being in a particular rush. Another, much newer, much bigger tractor approached in the opposite direction. The lane is narrow, so I watched developments with interest. The drivers engaged in a mock duel with their tractors, pushing each other into the hedges, and making "aiiiieeee" gestures at each other. I thought it was funny.

Bugger. Now there's was bloody wasp flying round my head. Having long hair is all very well but if a wasp gets tangled in it you're in trouble.

Gah. I wish I was somewhere else.

One thing that made me laugh last week, which came to mind again today.

My Mum told me how she took one of my nephews to church one Sunday, and afterwards they sat having a chat.

Young nephew (aged about 4): Did God make me?
Grandma: Yes, he made you.
YN: And did he make rabbits?
G: Yes, rabbits too.
YN: And Squirrels?
G: Yes, and squirrels.
YN: Did he knit them?

I love that image, God sitting knitting squirrels. "Damn, run out of red wool....ahh, got lots of grey, I'll use that instead."

Oh, I know what recently occurred to me. Of all the blogs I read, I think I'm the only person who doesn't have a creative job. Everyone else does cool stuff - publishing, advertising, psychology....I do crappy office stuff. Sigh.

No wonder none of the cool kids want to be my friend. Heh.


badgerdaddy said...

Is psychology creative? And I certainly wouldn't call my job creative. I only have one client who buys creative stuff off me, for a US porn mag. It's top quality, you understand.

I s'pose my job is by definition creative, but there are ways to not be creative at all in creative jobs. I've worked with hundreds of people who should never have been let near a magazine…

And whaddaya mean, cool kids don't want to be friends? Are you suggesting I am not cool??

Fair point.

livesbythewoods said...

I think it's possible to be creative in a non-creative job. I was just grumping, jealously, I suppose.

It's the only way I keep myself sane, to be honest. And sometimes you work with someone who makes it all a bit more worthwhile (Hey Spence!)