Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Rain. Again.

Well, it's pissing down again. So, that'll be summer over and done with then. A week and a half of sun, in between 5 months of Weather From Hell.

Driving to work earlier, there were big chunks of the road surface washing away on the roads across Salisbury Plain.

I'm betting we'll have flash flooding over the next 24 hours if it keeps raining, as the drains are all overflowing.

In the village there were huge pools of standing water around each drain, and there was a new stream running down from the fields into the road.

All a bit worrying.

Things at work are pretty slow at the moment. It's summer holiday season, so loads of people are out of the office, but even so things seem to have all but stopped in their tracks. Not quite sure why, so have spent the morning deploying my finest and sturdiest poking stick to get things moving again. We shall see.

Found out last week that the party we're going to on Friday has my lovely guitar teacher's band playing. Excellent.

And we had an invite to another mate's party in September. A weekend of camping, eating, drinking, singing and playing the fool (I expect). Really looking forward to it. I might chicken out and see if we can book a B&B though, if it keeps bloody raining.

Many years ago, whilst camping with a huge load of mates, one of said mates rather over-refreshed himself. He was carefully put in the recovery position, outside his tent (it was a warm night), and left to sleep it off. Much later, after everyone had gone to bed, he woke up, realised he was going to be sick, grabbed the zip of the tent door, opened it, stuck his head inside and threw up lavishly.


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