Saturday, 11 August 2007


Bit hungover today, bizarrely. We had a bit of a late night one way and another, what with the gin and all.

Bill the Spill stayed for a late-ish breakfast, then headed out West. Mr WithaY and I chilled out and read the papers, drank tea and pottered about being mildly domestic. The weather has been glorious. We talked about doing a variety of jobs, gardening, painting the garage door, fixing the shed roof, but ended up meeping about the house and being quite laid-back.

Around lunchtime a mate of Mr WithaY's turned up, to discuss the Foot and Mouth restrictions (we know how to live out here), and we had tea while he told us horror stories about Pet Snakes I Have Known.

They all seemed to involve giant albino pythons "they can grow up to 28 feet long!" and mishaps with dead rats.

"I told him to use soap when he washed his hands after he'd fed the two rats to it....still, he got the lid of the tank shut in time and eventually the python let go of him...they've got 250 teeth you know."

And so it went on. Heh.

I love living here.

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