Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Achy breaky legs

Had a fab gym session after work last night. Only did about 35 minutes but it was all quite hard work, and made me get very red and sweaty (that image is for free, enjoy). Listened to AC/DC throughout, which helped enormously.

God I wish I could play like them.

Got home and ate tandoori chicken and blueberries (but not at the same time, that would just be wrong), which was pretty fab too.

My legs ache today though. I am so unfit.

Mr WithaY is off out with a film crew later on tonight, looking for deer. Apparently they were going to bring a "tame" deer with them, release it on Salisbury plain and film it scampering and cavorting freely, before loading it back into their truck and taking it home.

Mr WithaY pointed out that it is the middle of the rut (i.e: when all the hot deer love action happens out there), so a more likely scenario would be:

Release "tame" deer.

Watch said deer race off over the horizon following the tantalising smell of lady deer in his deprived nostrils.

Wait for several hours.

Realise he isn't coming back.

Get back in truck.

Go home.

They decided that filming wild deer was more likely to be productive, so Mr WithaY is going along as a sort of native tracker for them. I hope they at least buy him a drink for his time.

Talking of game tracking....I've just finished reading the Alexander McCall Smith detective agency books based in Botswana. I avoided them for ages, partly because I thought the title of the first one was too naff and twee for words, and I imagined it being the sort of book that people who don't read much would like.

Such a snob!

Anyhoo, I thoroughly enjoyed them, and for the first time in my life found the thought of going to Africa mildly appealing.

Other news: Are the words "breach of biosecurity" the most terrifying in the English language, or what?

I am astounded at the revelation in the paper today that the bio research lab in Surrey is being hailed as the most likely cause for the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

For fuck's sake. If you work with deadly toxins all day every day, maybe you get blase about them. "Hmmm...where did I put that bottle of terrifying live virus? Oh, here it is, next to the yoghurt!" Tch.

And if it was a deliberate breach of security, why choose F&M? Why not Anthrax? Or Ebola? Reality once again mirrors a John Wyndham novel.

And a sad little story on the BBC website about the Yangtze River Dolphins. It's believed that they are extinct after a lengthy study failed to find any of them. If they are it's the first time in 50 years that a large vertibrate has become extinct.

They might have all popped out to the shops of course.


badgerdaddy said...

I remember reading a report a few years back about those very dolphins, and then it said they only knew of 17 of them still in existence. It's not that surprising that now they can't find any, if when there were 17 they didn't think to just get the fucking lot of them out of there.

Fucking bunch of tossers.

rivergirlie said...

did you read all that stuff about bogus action man, bear grylls (wtf?), who stayed at swanky hotels while pretending to sleep under the stars in the course of filming his doco series? probably best to go for authenticity at the moment.

kudos on gym going. you'll probably feel worse tomorrow (just to cheer you up) but fantastic ever after ... providing you keep it up!