Saturday, 25 August 2007

Impulse, acting on

Hurrah! Internet fuckwittery seems to have resolved itself. Just as well because it was bloody annoying yesterday.

Was chatting to one of my lovely on-line mates late on last night and the whole thing fell over dramatically and finally, no email, no msn, nothing. No internet at all. Gah. Leaving me no option but to abandon it and go to bed grumpily.

And hey presto as if by magic, all was back up and running today, for no apparent reason. Fucking computers.

Mr WithaY and I got up early and went into Salisbury, full of plans for a productive and well-spent morning. First things first, off to Costa Coffee for a damn fine breakfast toasted sandwich thing and a small vanilla latte (I only really drink coffee in town on a Saturday morning), then we meeped about the shops a while.

Went into the Virgin shop and spent a bleeding fortune on DVDs and CDs, incuding some more of the excellent Studio Ghibli stuff, and some early Eric Clapton music. And the new White Stripes album - did I mention I ordered tickets to go and see them in Cardiff? Hurrah!

Anyhoo, then Mr WithaY decided he needed some more fishing stuff, so we trotted across town the the Shop Of A Bazillion Bits Of Fishing Stuff. Which, handily, is almost opposite the guitar shop, so I decided to have a quick look in there while Mr WithaY was deciding which fishing weights went best with his eyes.

What can I say?

Things turned serious.

I was young, crazy, didn't know any better...

By the time Mr WithaY had come in to find me, I was already hopelessly in love.


Epiphone Les Paul. Mmmmmmm. Blue.

(cue romantic violin music)

So. Went into town for a few dvds and some moisturiser, came home with a new guitar. I love shopping, me.

Bugger. Forgot the moisturiser.


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