Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Almost forgot....I was reading the BBC story about the shooting of the Hell's Angel on the motorway at the weekend.

At the end of the story they have their little comments form, with a header saying

"Are you involved in biker clubs? What are your experiences of them? Send us your thoughts using the form below."

I love the idea that:

a) Hell's Angels would read the BBC webpage (no reason why they shouldn't, I just find it incongruous for some reason)

b) that someone would write in saying something like "I used to be in an outlaw back patch bike gang but left after they discovered I'd stolen all their money, shagged the road captain's girlfriend and ran over the club cat. I am now living under an assumed name in Belgium. If any of the guys from the old days want to get back in touch, I'd love to hear from them, especially Knuckles and Mad Damo."

I remember when the Bulldog Bash started. Loads of my mates used to go along, that and the Kent Custom Show. Aaah, those were the days.

One year there was a huge explosion when a gas cooker/chip fryer/gas cylinder blew up inside a tent/van/converted bus....the details are hazy 20 years on. Anyway, it was the talk of the town for a while.

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