Saturday, 18 August 2007

Party animal

Just got home after a fab party over at the pub. A mate in the village had her 50th birthday, and my lovely guitar teacher's band was playing, so a grand night out for all.

Especially me, because I drank a shitload of gin and danced like nobody was looking. They were, obviously, because a large bird bouncing about on the dancefloor always attracts attention. Heh.

The band were fab, despite the intermittent addition of an extra singer who seemed to be so nervous that she forgot all the songs she was doing. Still, a cute dancer so I guess nobody minded too much.

It was very tempting to do the Joan of Arc thing from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" though ...the bit where she shoves the aerobic instructor sideways off the stage and takes over the class. Maybe next time.

The birthday cake was a true work of art. I took a photo, which I will post on here as soon as I am sober enough to work the camera again.

Had a great time at my bestest mate's last night too. Was lovely to catch up, it's been months since we got together. He took me into town in his new car. Well, tried to.

Winchester, sort your fucking traffic problems out. Please.

We ended up driving all the way across town to the Park and Ride, and getting the bus back into the city centre. Not terribly sensible, but all the carparks were full. Gah.

Had a pasty at Reeves the bakers for lunch (mmmmmm pasty) then wandered around in the sunshine for half an hour, buying bits and pieces I cant get locally. Then had to head home, braving the hellish Friday afternoon A303 traffic.

Mr WithaY was gratifyingly pleased to see me after my night away, so that was nice. Especially as he danced with me at the party, despite his earlier predictions about the unlikelihood of that happening. Heh. Excellent.

I was told that my blog "isn't spiteful enough" by one of my mates in the village. I think she's planning to start her own, so hopefully if she has any spite to spare I can have some. Heh. Hello Sarah.

Mr WithaY and my guitar teacher are cooking up something to do with me playing in/with a band later in the year. Slightly worryingly, I was told they plan to "groom" me. Hmmm.

More news on that as it breaks.

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