Monday, 13 August 2007

Doctor, doctor

No, not the start of a crap joke, the excellent UFO track.


Been to see mine today to talk about my high blood pressure.

Good news: I am not likely to start pumping it out of my ears just yet.

Bad news: I am officially a fat bastard and need to lose weight ASAP. Damn.

And there was me hoping that the height/weight charts would have been seasonally adjusted to make someone of my build the perfect female form.

The UFO thing reminds me - Michael Schenker (yes, THE Michael Schenker) played a gig at the Frome Cheese and Grain the other week. How unlikely is that?

I was seriously considering going along, but tickets were £20 each and Mr WithaY resolutely refused to go with me. Also it was in the middle of my Holiday in Wiltshire when my lovely Mum was staying, so it wouldn't really have worked out. And the reports from our man at the gig were "It was crap".

According to informed sources, Mr S came onstage apparently a little the worse for wear, was unrecognisable, incomprehensible, and the music was so poor that people were leaving before the end in droves. A real shame.

Still, there are a few bands coming to play there over the next couple of months that I might go to watch. Frome seems to have a never-ending demand for AC/DC tribute bands. Maybe it's a contractual thing - every other gig has to play all of AC/DC's back catalogue. Not that I mind.

Other news: Did some mega rain-forest style slash and burn gardening at the weekend. Very satisfactory, but it means that the rest of our estate* looks a bit rubbish now. Mr WithaY filled up all the bird feeders but I think our feathered friends are sulking and ignoring us because they've been empty for a few weeks.

I suppose thre's only so much rejection a bird can take before it gives up entirely.

Ungrateful little bastards.

*The back garden. And the front garden. We only did the little bit round the side, really.

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badgerdaddy said...

Nowt wrong with being a porker. I swear by it.