Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Crap joke. Sorry

Reminds me of a joke:

A long distance trucker breaks down at the side of the road, and starts to panic. He has a crateful of monkeys which he has to get to the Zoo. After a while, another trucker pulls in behind him and asks if he needs help.

"Yes" says the first trucker. "See this load of monkeys? They have to get to the Zoo. Can you take them there?"

"Sure thing" says the second trucker, and loads the crate onto his lorry, heading off up the road. First trucker relaxes and settles in to wait for the recovery crew to come and fix his lorry.

After many hours, he sees the second trucker heading back his way.

As it gets closer, the first trucker sees that the cab is full of shrieking monkeys waving Zoo flags, eating popcorn, carrying souvenir filled shopping bags.

"What's going on?" he asks the second trucker. "I thought you were taking the monkeys to the Zoo for me?"

"I did" says second trucker. "They had a great time. I'm taking them to the beach tomorrow."

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