Sunday, 13 May 2007

Wet weekend

It has been pissing down almost non-stop since Thursday morning. We went out in Bath on Thursday night for beer and curry and got bloody soaked walking from the car to the pub.

I had no idea what had been going on in Bath city centre. It's been flattened!

I mean I knew there were all these plans in the pipeline for urban regeneration stuff, new shops, better parking (about bloody time too), removal of shite 1960 "architecture" and so on, but it looks like one of those old newsreels of the Blitz. Without the bombs.

The whole bottom end of the main drag through town is gone, surrounded by huge hoardings decorated with optimistic artists' impressions of how great it will be once it's finished.

We didn't really stay to look for long as it was pissing down, but I will go and have a good poke around soon. I think I'll go in on the train though, as half the car parks have vanished as well.

Other exciting weekend news. Um. None really. I made a cake today. Cherry madeira, if you're interested. Not too bad, but not one of my best. The whole baking thing was enlivened by a dramatic tumble down the stairs mid-bake though. The beeper timing thingy went off and I dashed down to check, and was too clumsy and inept to make it down without incident. So now my knee, wrist and ankle all hurt like hell. Nothing broken, but some great bruises.

We went out earlier today and the roads are quite scarily flooded. There were cars having to creep along in the middle of the road to avoid being under water. Hope it clears a bit before the morning.

Oh yeah - my car was leaking on Friday! Bloody rain coming in through the (I think) sunroof. Bollocks. Better check that tomorrow.

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