Saturday, 19 May 2007


...apart from the crap elf story, I have been very busy with work. Got the first draft of the paper out on Thursday, so hurrah to all of us for that. And to celebrate, I am away on my hollerdays next week.

Eight birds off to CenterParcs. I am SO looking forward to it. We have rented one of the exceptionally posh villas with a sauna, steam room and hot tub on the patio. Last time we went we all crammed into it at once and had a fab (if crowded) time. We did look a lot like a Beryl Cook painting though. Heh.

Mr WithaY is remaining quietly at home, reading improving books and doing all the odd jobs around the house that I have been banging on about for the last 6 months. That's what he's told me anyway. Last time I was away for a long weekend, we went to the pub in the village and Fred the barman told me "Ooh, glad you're back - he was in here ever so much while you were away." Mr WithaY had the grace to look slightly embarrassed.

I was at home yesterday afternoon when there was a thunderous knocking and ringing at the front door. I dashed downstairs (see - that's why I keep falling down them and damaging myself) and who should be out there in the pissing rain but my oldest mate in all the world, Bill the Spill.

We have been friends since Sixth Form, so have known each other for (oh gahhh!) almost 25 years now. Sadly we don't see each other nearly as much as I'd like, him living away down IN the woods in Sussex somewhere, being a horny-handed son of the soil etc etc.

To be fair, I'm not sure what he does. I think he works in the 1930s, because the way he tells it there's a lot of cap-doffing goes on. Do people still do that these days?

Anyhoo, he was on his way to Bristol for the weekend and decided to call round on the off-chance because it was looking like a huge rainstorm was on the way. And he was right. He got here about 2 minutes after it started and stayed until it passed over. He has a new (and very lovely) enormous 1400cc Harley, as well as his older, funkier, flames-painted-up-the-sides Harley.

Damn I want another bike.

I showed off with my guitar for a bit as he'd only heard me play my acoustic, and I did him a few songs. I played Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Kind of Man" and he got all misty and choked, and said "I've known you all this time and I didn't know you could sing like that." Isn't that lovely? I was very touched.

Also (am feeling very smug at the moment), Mr WithaY said to me, apropos of nothing much "The more I see other peoples' wives, the more glad I am that I have you." Aaah. How lovely is that?

Right. Time to go and make him a cup of tea. Maybe even a chocolate-covered flapjack. Mmmm. Flapjack.

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