Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Less grumpy...

But still unusually crabby, nonetheless. Ah well.

Work has been busy today. Met the new head of the team we're working with, who is very clever and knows loads about the area we're trying to write our plans around. Which, thinking about it, is probably why he got the job. Anyway, it's great to have someone around who I can run to saying "What are they TALKING about??" from time to time. And I had a very cheerful discussion with my boss this morning, which evolved into having lunch and chatting, which I enjoyed.

My lovely guitar teacher isn't coming over tonight, sadly. Band practice. Huh. They don't sound like they need much practice, but I suppose they ought to meet up sometimes and decide what they're going to play at their next gig. Still, I was very good last night and did an hour's playing which included lots of bloody barre chords. How is anyone supposed to play them properly? You need fingers of steel and hands like a mutant tree frog. Gah.

Ah well.

Oh yeah - I got gesticulated at this morning by a couple of (I assume) builders in a van. I was waiting for a gap in the traffic at Stonehenge (where the cats meow) and when I didn't pull out directly into the path of a huge high-speed juggernaut bearing down the A303 towards me, they made rude gestures at me from their van. I felt like getting out of the car and walking back to explain that I drive a fucking diesel 4x4, not a Maserati that does 0-60 in point something of a minute.


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