Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bike envy

My sis and her mate arrived last night on a huge 1000cc Triumph motorcycle. I am now green with envy and have decided that I want to get another bike. I fancy a Kawasaki Zephyr - they look like the old Zs but with better brakes and electrics.

Mr WithaY is of a similar mind although he yearns for a Triumph tourer. So. Two big 4x4s AND two large bikes in the WithaY household. Ha! Take that, Environment! Well, we'll probably both get killed fairly quickly (statistically likely, I believe, anyway) so our plundering of Earth's bounty would be relatively short-lived.

I sold my leather jacket about 5 years ago, and binned my crash helmet after I dropped it a couple of times, as it was no good any more anyway. I feel the need to go to a few bike shows over the summer and check out how much a decent jacket and helmet would set me back. I kept my funky Judge Dredd stylee boots, so don't need to get new ones.

Ooh. I'm all excited now.

We did some gardening after they left this afternnoon. Filled the green wheelie bin with weeds and the front garden still looks rank. Mother Nature mocks our paltry efforts, as well she might. Still, the sweet pea has some space to breathe now and we finally decided that the hydrangea (sp?) had had it's chance and failed to impress us, so out it came.

Mr WithaY has arranged to go out shooting with a mate tomorrow - he will be leaving at 0400. In the morning! Gah! We're off to a party tonight so I guess he'll be driving (no cider for him) and we won't be stopping there late. But I AM taking my Strat. Played it after we got back from the pub last night. My sister's mate was dead impressed. But he had been drinking.