Monday, 21 May 2007


I am very excited...waiting for my lovely mates to come and pick me up for our holiday. They should be here any minute now.

Well, in the next half hour or so.

Sometime this morning, certainly.

I have an unfeasibly large amount of luggage for a 4 night stay, I have to say. Luggage pile consists of:

1) Large suitcase packed with a wide variety of clothes, shoes, swimwear including fab new swimsuit, toiletries etc. (And oh fuck - just realised I forgot to pack a hairdryer...I hope one of the others brings one) Well, you never know what the weather will do, do you? Today for example, is a bit rainy. Do I need to take another fleece? Hm.

2) Backpack with painting stuff and some carefully chosen DVDs and CDs in it, but will be used to carry stuff to the pool, spa etc, so will earn its keep.

3) Electric guitar in soft case, also containing amp leads and some music.

4) Amp - only a small one, mind, but still quite heavy. A Roland mini cube - get one if you are looking for an amp. They are bloody fantastic. Only for practice, really, but has about 6 different amp styles ranging from "Freedy Johnson" to "Megadeath" which is handy. Plus several funky effects, including phaser, chorus, tremelo etc. And all for under 90 quid. Bargain.

5) Box that Saturday night's Chinese takeaway came in, now full of Champagne, wine, chocolate fondue ingredients and a tin of lychees (for their vitamins, obviously).

Oh, and my handbag. The small one.

Yeah, my new swimsuit. I am so pleased about this...I have NEVER in my adult life had a swimsuit I liked. I have an unfeasibly big chest (great in some ways, nightmare in others) so buying a bikini was never really an option as far as I was concerned. Plus I am a bit of a fat bastard so a bikini would repel other beach goers. Soooo, one-piece swimwear for me.

Anyhoo, bought this swimsuit last week, tried it on, and Lo! I looked like "Catherine Zeta Jones having let herself go a bit" rather than "Surprisingly tall Dawn French". Hurrah!

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badgerdaddy said...

Enjoy, and come back with many amusing stories...