Friday, 4 May 2007

Musical genuis, proximity to

I have just had a hugely successful guitar lesson. Am confident that I will be able to play Nickelback's "How you remind me" before too much longer.

My gorgeous teacher is bloody marvellous. He did make a bit of a face when I said I wanted to learn it, but when I waved the "ripped from the web and therefore possibly wildly inaccurate" chords in front of him he couldn't refuse. Heh. Bless him. He keeps trying to sneakily teach me Pink Floyd and I keep thwarting him.

This week has gone so fast. I've been in the office every day for work and it's a fair while since I've done that. We've made great progress on our huge looming deadline and I am confident (again!) that we will make our target date. Plus we had a team lunch at the pub today and most of us knocked off after that, so I was home nice and early.

Good job too - the Friday before a Bank Holiday...the A303 was a feckin' nightmare. Lord knows what it's like at the moment. Nose to tail between Andover and Exeter probably. (Look on a map, American readers).

I amused myself by listening to thrash metal. I assume that's what it was, anyway..not up with all this new stuff, being a sad old git. Anyway, it was very loud, lots of bass, lots of shouting. Perfect traffic jam music.

My youngest sister rang while I was having my lesson. She and a mate are apparently coming over and staying the night. They will have to sleep on the futon in the study as Jim is in the spare room, and I think it would be a bit crowded with three of them in there. Even if one of them is my foxy little sis. Not sure if they're here for the weekend or just the night or what. Anyway, it'll be fab to see her.

Usually when we get together it is in a house heavily infested with small children so the conversation is limited. I love them all dearly but it doesn't make for very deep discussion when there are four of them mungoing about, playing on their PlayStation (or is it an X box? I have no idea), trying to show me new stuff, texting their mates, fighting (the boys, anyway) and demonstrating their newly-acquired football skills in the middle of the floor.

We're of to a party tomorrow. I am taking my electric guitar as requested by the host. Mr WithaY had to relay the request and it clearly caused him some small twinges to say "Ian wants you to bring your guitar to the party tomorrow." And I had the delicious opportunity to ask "Electric or acoustic." Great. (Electric, by the way.)

I plan to drink cider and make a lot of noise. Hurrah!

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