Thursday, 31 May 2007



The plumber came round today and fixed the cold tap in the bath, after several months of chasing. He's a really great plumber, and a really nice bloke, but is unbelievably busy, so very hard to get hold of.

Hm....maybe those factors are linked somehow?

Anyway, I can now use the bath instead of having to go and wash in the pond every morning.

I predict a Lush-intensive session later on tonight. Maybe with candles. I am not a very girly girl (as my boss kindly pointed out to me today) but I think after 3 bath-less months a few candles are called for.

Oh, I am pleased.


Anonymous said...

*tap tap* this thing on?

left a comment don't see it, maybe you have to approve it?

oh yes I'm a blog newbie but I may get my own!

The guy with the chains on his boots

livesbythewoods said...


Yes, I MODERATE all comments to ensure no-one can say anything mean about me.

Or indeed, be more amusing that I am.

Nice to see you!

livesbythewoods said...


Spelling mistakes hardly add to the shimmering aura of blog-competence which I am struggling to create.

Caro said...

A good plumber is hard to find, actually any good service person. Happy bathing!

Caro said...

Thanks for the bra link!

I loved their slogan. :P

livesbythewoods said...

Caro - you're very welcome.

For those of you who are interested, I pointed her in the direction of bravissimo, a fab company who sell bras for those ladies among us with unfeasibly large norks.

Mr WithaY is always very interested in their catalogue, for some reason...