Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Well, my car is fine again. When I got to work yesterday morning the central locking worked. I locked and unlocked the car several times to make sure, and yes, it was fine. Current theory behind the whole "locks going on and off while driving for no reason" phenomenon involves water getting into the electrics and causing mayhem. The nice chap at the garage was very understanding when I rang to cancel my appointment with him and the "fitter" who he'd arranged to come over to sort it out for me.

Mr WithaY is gloating. He has a long-held theory that washing cars is (a) pointless, (b) bad for the environment (all that water!) and now (c) fucks up the electrics.


Work is very busy at the moment. We have a huge deadline approaching, but once that's over I am off on holiday for a week with my lovely girlie mates. Can't wait. My shopping list so far consists of Champagne, chocolate and loo roll. Well, what else do we need? Crisps, maybe. And Tequila. Oh, and some apples. Healthy living. I might write a lifestyle book about it.

Sadly my gorgeous guitar teacher isn't coming over tonight. He has a cold too (not caught from me, mind) so I will have to practice on my own. He sent me a stern email telling me "no slacking". Heh.

Jim has disappeared off for a few days, I think he might be back for the weekend, but am not sure. The house feels a bit strange now, we'd got used to him being here. I want to get on and decorate the spare room once he moves out. It's all plastered and everything, just needs painting. And then that's the whole place redecorated. Hurrah. It's taken five and a half years but the place is unrecognisable. And that's a good thing. I don't think I'll ever forget the stench of the dark brown hessian wallpaper in the sitting room, impregnated with lord knows how many years of nicotine and filth. Gah. Everything was brown. Paint, walls, even the windows. Not now though.

I did a tiny, completely pathetic bit of gardening last night. Pulled up about 5 weeds, then Mr WithaY got home from work so we cooked supper and chatted instead. However, I will get the flower beds in the front garden weeded over the next few days. It looks very pretty from a distance, like a proper cottage garden, but it is a bit rank if you look at it closely. We have tons of borage in flower - if we make Pimms we'll be fine. And the roses look like they are about to burst into flower too, about a month early.

I am having huge problems with Second Life at the moment which is very annoying. I will defrag my laptop tonight and see if that helps, but I've had more and more problems with the game since Chrsimtas, and it's virtually unplayable now. I emailed the guys at Linden Lab who run the help system and have had a "thanks for your query" email back, but nothing else which is a bit crap. I am pining for my lovely on-line mates.

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