Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Emotional taggage

I like being tagged. It makes me feel special.

So, 7 things about me which may surprise you. Obviously pretty much anything, as all you know about me is what's in the blog. Oh, except for Spencer, who I know really well, but he will have to pretend he doesn't know me for the purposes of this exercise.

1) I am surprisingly tall. For a bird. When I wear high heels I am over 6 feet tall, which is excellent. I went to Sheffield with my mate Karen a few years ago to watch the ice hockey (Sheffield Steelers vs Basingstoke Bisons, in case you were wondering) , and we spend the afternoon before the match in Meadowhall (huge shopping mall, American readers). I didn't see a single girl my height, and very few blokes. Karen (a 5'1" Sheffield native) fitted right in.

I felt like Godzilla, rampaging among the tiny Northern folk. It made me think twice before resting my drink on Karen's head in the pub after that, I can tell you.

2) I sing like an angel. Not an angel who's ever had singing lessons, mind, but an angel nonethless. I love singing, and have won prizes in karaoke contests, which I am far too proud of.

3) I want to see the Northern Lights. I really, really do. Every time I've been to the North of Scotland I've spent ages gawking out of windows, hoping, but never got lucky. One day I will got to Tromso and see them. I will.

4) I've gone right off Magnum. Formerly a band I loved; since I have been learning to play guitar properly I have realised that they are in fact rather terrible. Damn. And I can't admit that to Mr WithaY or my lovely guitar teacher because they will both gloat and redouble their attempts to make me learn bloody Pink Floyd.

5) I am dreadfully, dreadfully lazy. I am. I like my job very much, and enjoy doing it well, but have crippling attacks of "can't be arsed" at regular intervals. Luckily I am able to disguise them until they pass and I get my enthusiam back. And I have great colleagues who keep me motivated when I get spiritless and listless, doing my celebrated impression of a dying Romantic poet, laying around and moaning languidly, waving people away with a lace hankie clutched in one pale, thin hand.

If I was independently wealthy, never had to work again, no social commitments etc etc I would morph into one of those people who have all their food delivered, buy all their clothes via mail order, get all their social interaction through the internet and TV, eventually being craned out of the house by the fire brigade, after they demolish a few walls.

6) I often fantasise about running other drivers off the road, sometimes flamethrowering them afterwards for good measure. Bastards.

7) I believe I can do absolutely anything. Really. I have very few fears (grounded in reality, anyway, werewolves and zombies are a different issue) and this leads me to take risks sometimes. Usually I don't get very badly injured. It comes as a genuine shock to me when I try my hand at something and am crap. I have a real sense of injustice and am aggrieved about it for ages afterwards. Heh.

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