Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Oh yeah - as part of my monumental (so far) 3 day sulk, I changed the wallpaper on my mobile.

It was a very gloomy picture of Stonehenge, taken from the car window as we drove past one day in the rain. Now it is a picture of the very beautiful Shell Bay in Dorset, taken on a gloriously hot day last summer.

And you know what? Just doing that has helped cheer me up.

So hurrah for sunshine and blue skies. Which feel pretty bloody far off today. It's freezing.

1 comment:

badgerdaddy said...

My mobile wallpaper is SLF giving me the bird. Hers is me nekkid, except for a pair of undercrackers, not worn but hanging before my mighty genitals.

There is only one untrue word in that. Sadly, it is 'mighty'.