Monday, 28 May 2007

Location, location, location

I love living in our village. Mr WithaY was walking over to a neighbour's the other afternoon when he spotted one of the local young mums, pushing two of her sons down the road in a wheelbarrow. They are apparently much easier to use than a pushchair.

Haven't seen that being profiled in the weekend Telegraph as a bloody "countryside" trend yet but it's only a matter of time.

We have a fab village here. We have, either in the village or very close by:

1) A petrol station, incorporating a post office and off licence. And a cashpoint, although you have to pay to get your money out. Still, it's handy if you are skint on a Friday and on your way to:

2) The pub! Hurrah! Does great food, loads of the locals drink in there and it is remarkably handy for my house. And they serve beer from:

3) The local brewery! Which also sells barrels if you're having a party, which is handy.

4) The farm shop. One of the best in the country, sells all kinds of funky organic stuff, including the truly sublime Montezuma's chocolate. Mmmm. Oh, and trout.

5) The airfield. Not something I use very often, but apparently the guys with planes find it a bonus.

6) A church. Been there a few times, very pretty, friendly and within walking distance.

7) Hills. A wide variety of hills for walking about on.

8) Woods. Bloody lovely ones, at that. Bluebells and everything. Marvellous.