Saturday, 30 June 2007

Off out...

...very soon. Going up to London to help Middle Sis celebrate her 40th.

It's still pissing down here, so the motorways will be a delight. We're stopping off at a supermarket on the way to get some stuff for the party. Fizz for the many, many children, probably some gin for me, beer for Mr WithaY and the other chaps, plus anything else that takes our fancy.

Had a very nice evening at home last night. Mr WithaY was a bit traumatised after his 2 day trip to London for work, what with the car bombs being found in the same area he and our mate Richard had been wandering round in that evening. As if London wasn't stressful enough without fucking nail bombs.

So we decided to stay home, have a lovely supper (cooked by me, domestic goddess that I am), watched an unexpectedly enjoyable film on TV and just chilled out.

Oh, and I had a very successful guitar lesson, which was great fun.

Hmmm...some Antipodean woman has just knocked on the door looking for someone who she thinks lives in the village. It ain't us.

Well, time to get dressed and prepare for the rigours of the trip. And the rigours of the party. Heh.

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