Sunday, 17 June 2007


Have had a quiet day today, as am a bit tired and fragile after last night. We had a very pleasant evening with some lovely mates from the village coming over for supper. It wasn't an especially late night but I didn't sleep well, so feel a bit hungover today.

Nothing to do with all the booze, obviously.

I made profiteroles. And, though I say so myself, they were bloody marvellous. In fact, the whole meal was pretty great. Mr WithaY utilised the stinky gift fish to make a superb chowder as a starter, then we had sea bass with salad, then the glorious profiteroles, then a ton of cheese with port.

What greedy pigs we are.

Other than that, I have been catching up on domestic stuff. The spare room is now back to habitability, and looks marvellous.

It was deeply satisfying, if a bit sad, restocking the book case, and ordering all the books by author, ranking them by size and genre as well.

Yes, I know.

But if anyone asks me now where to find one of my PJ O'Rourke books I can tell them precisely. On the "modern" shelf, in the "amusing" section. Between Tony Hawks and Bill Bryson.

We watched "Minority Report" on DVD this evening. I'd forgotten what a good film it is. It even made me forget how annoying Tom Cruise is.

I found a bit of a bargain at the supermarket - a triple DVD for six quid, containing "Minority Report", I Robot" and "Independence Day". All amusing enough for Sunday afternoons in, I think.

Other news: Am a bit stressed about a big presentation I have to give tomorrow...found out on Friday that my boss' boss will be there as well. No pressure.

Ah well. If they sack me for being shite I have more time to read other peoples' blogs.

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Devon said...

"Nothing to do with all the booze, obviously."

*nod* obviously... you are hung over from the, um, air. Yes, that's it. Air hangovers are the worst, too. The old "hair of the dog that bit you" trick doesn't even work with air hangovers.