Friday, 15 June 2007

No one thing

Have had a constructive morning in the office, with a cheerful impromptu team meeting over a drink of hot chocolate, which is always a bonus.

Drove to work in a complete daze, which I only realized when I got to the site and hadn't got my pass out of my bag (plan ahead, that's my motto). The chap on the gate watched me rummaging in my bag for a while, then quite obviously just gave up and waved at me to carry on through. I ignored his waving and sat there until I had found my pass, determined to show it to him.

And it was at that point I realised that I didn't remember much of the drive in. No idea why, as I slept quite well and feel less gloomy and despondant than I have done for a few days.

I had a couple of colleagues a few years ago who ran a "Bizarrest Pass" contest. Each week they both had to try and get into work by waving something at the security blokes that was NOT their pass.

They used library cards, credit cards, driving licenses, bits of paper, you get the picture. The winner was declared on the day that one of them was waved through after presenting a bit of toast with Marmite on.

That was a great office to work in. I still have photos of our "Thickie of the Week" sign we used to award to whoever had done the stupidest thing that week. We told our boss it was a teambuilding thing.

He was ok with that, but when we also created the "Finger of Blame" - a cardboard hand, pointing a finger at whoever was being blamed by the rest of the team - he got a bit suspicous and told us to take it down. He didn't like the sign on the filing cabinet that said "Toy Cupboard" either. Tch.

I put the curtains back up in the spare room last night, and will dust and polish all the furniture when I get home, and restock the Gothic bookcase. It looks great in there. Kevin the decorator is a prince among men.

My WithaY sent me a text saying he'll be home by "eightish - in time for the pub". Excellent.

I am sat at my desk, and was just wondering what the odd smell in the office is. I realised that it is now pissing down with rain and I can smell wet concrete from the road outside. It's been so long that I'd forgotten what it smells like.

Mmmm. Summer.

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Manuel said...

You wanna know what I did today? Ok then...

After a busy and not very nice lunch shift, we had a table of 32 very old very crabby people, we had our Christmas planning meeting. I swear to God it gets earlier every year.