Thursday, 14 June 2007


Got home from work this evening, and not only has the marvellous Kevin the decorator finished all the painting, but he had also put the rug down, put the furniture back and reassembled the bed.

How great is he? Bloody great.

All I need to do is put the curtains back up and make up the bed and the room is finished. I could weep for joy.

To be honest, I could weep full stop, but I am going to go to bed in a minute and see if a good night's sleep will make me feel a bit less woeful in the morning.

And the lovely Mr WithaY returns from his Grand Tour of Scotland tomorrow so I hope we can have a nice weekend together. Got mates coming over for dinner on Saturday night so I need to start planning what we'll feed them.

Bit the bullet and went to the bloody supermarket after work. Gah. But, done for a bit so am smug now.

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