Thursday, 14 June 2007

Inappropriate furniture

In the office today, a long and slow journey in this morning making me feel fractious. I caught myself taking unnecessary risks which I don't generally do, to the extent that I got flashed at (with headlights, not in a "mistaken identity on a train" way) by two different vans.

Hm. I need to stop doing that.

I'm still a bit low but suspect it may be because I am quite lonely with the lovely Mr WithaY being away. Working at home means I don't speak to anyone, Kevin the decorator excepted.

He was beavering away and didn't need me standing there going "Mmmm....that colour looks nice. What are you doing next? Want to see my presentation? Fancy a cup of tea? What are you doing this weekend? Is that paint dry already?" at him intermittently throughout the day.

I have high hopes that when I get home tonight he will have finished the spare room and I can reassemble the bed (a ridiculous four-poster which is completely unsuitable for the room but we love it anyway), move all the hundreds of books back into the equally unsuitable "Gothic" book case and clear the rest of the upstairs of spare-room-related crud.

Well, other than that, work is busy. We are making good progress on our Huge Important Deadline which is encouraging. Shit has been hitting fans all morning though, and I fear I may be called on to deploy a bucket and mop at some point.

I am listening to my iPod at my desk as I do this (in my lunchbreak, taxpaying grumblers). I love the appropriateness of the selections. So far I've had two Leonard Cohen tracks (just what I need on a "feeling a bit low" day), the Smiths, Freedy Johnson, and now it's Rush doing 2112. Again, a cheery little number.

I think I have a mood sensitive iPod. When I'm a bit punchy and chirpy it gives me Guns & Roses and AC/DC. When I'm thinking hard it provides Neil Young and Alisha's Attic, today it finds me gloomy songs. I shall have to write to Apple and commend them on their brain scanning software.

Had an interesting guitar lesson last night. Not a huge amount of playing but a lot of talking which can be just as helpful. And I learned "Everybody (Needs Somebody)". I don't sound very much like a member of the Blues Brothers fabulous rhythm and blues review, but I will get there.

My guitar teacher is brilliant. I was doing the chords for "Badge" and he just went off on this fantastic solo. I sit there doing the rhythm guitar bit watching him in awe. I will practice my "Badge" intro and riffy bits later as well. I keep forgetting how it starts. Once I get going I am fine, but it takes me ages to remember where to begin. (Clue to self - on the fretboard).

I find it interesting how my musical tastes have evolved as I have got better at playing. I used to listen to Eric Clapton in a kind of "yeah, nice enough" way. Now I absolutely love his stuff. And Neil Young. I've always adored Tom Petty but now worship his technique as well.

Other news. I have to go shopping tonight. I hate it. I get this real "death of hope" feeling on entering a supermarket.

Never mind the smell of fresh bread, marketing gurus, do something about my desire to die as soon I get through your doors. I fear that one day I will be found, slumped over the exotic fruit counter, dead from supermarket inertia.

Things in the WithaY house are a bit desperate though.

The fridge is empty, there's no bread, no fruit (except the obligatory Eddie Izzard Stalinist Orange) , not even anything in the freezer except freaky shot-studded game. And I am not cooking that.

Mr WithaY goes away for a couple of weeks and I revert back to being a student. It's just crap really.

Well, better get on with my essay. Presentation. Whatever it is I am doing today. I need a holiday.

Doesn't 2112 go on? 19 minutes and still going strong. Blimey.


badgerdaddy said...

I tend to ramble at times like this too...

Devon said...

I don't know... perhaps I am biased for various reasons, but I find your humor and wit refreshing.

I have yet to wrestle with a four poster, but I have gotten my sleigh bed in a headlock a time or two trying to show it who's boss. Needless to say, I never win.

livesbythewoods said...

badgerdaddy - I assume you refer to my wittering on at KTD, rather than the post in general? Hope so anyway.

Devon - Never get involved with a man vs furniture scenario - you KNOW it will only degenerate.

Devon said...

I suppose it is a matter of perspective. But then again, who said degeneration is always a bad thing?