Thursday, 28 June 2007

Cat fire

For no particular reason I just remembered the story of my Youngest Sister's cat at Christmas.

Elvis (the cat) is quite old now, and likes to snooze on top of the TV where it's warm and comfy and there is a reduced risk of children standing on him.

There were several small candles on top of the TV that the children had brought home from the church service on Christmas Eve. The cat, either through age and failing eyesight or just feline defiance, ignored the candles and made his way to his usual snooze spot.

The candles were alight, by the way.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, there was a smell of burning fur. Youngest Sis was in the kitchen making tea for all, the children were sitting watching a Christmas film on TV, my Mum was sitting on the sofa holding the baby. And the cat was on fire on top of the TV.

Apparently everyone just sat looking at the cat, sleek black fur blazing cheerfully, still snoozing, till Mum panicked, calling to my sister "The cat's on fire! The cat's on fire!" whereupon Youngest Sis came running in with a damp tea towel and put him out.

Heh. Put the cat out. Just realised why that's funny.

Apparently he had a strange semi-bald brown patch for a few weeks till his fur grew back. And he still snoozes on top of the TV.

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