Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Just got back from a late night mercy dash to Sainsbury's in Winchester (as I am stopping at my bestest mate's house for a couple of days). As we walked into the shop a rather cute bloke caught my eye.

I'm 41, leering at young men is compulsory now. Another few years and I get to poke them with my umbrella and tell them they're "strapping" while they squirm and try to get away.

Anyway, my wandering eye was first caught by his rather splendid legs and big boots, then by the armful of shopping he was trying to carry:

Several packs of kitchen roll
A box of tissues
A Pot Noodle.

So. A Bloke's Night In for him, I reckon. I laughed for pretty much the rest of the time I was in the shop.

Been up at a huge vehicle show thing today. By which I mean a huge show, at which vehicles were the star, not a show for huge vehicles. Although some of them were pretty huge.

Had to be at work for 7.30am to get the coach, we got back to the site at about 5.30 this evening, so it's been a long day for me. But by staying at my mate's I save an enormous amount of travelling which is great.

While we were there, many of the exhibitors handed out freebies - mouse mats, pens, keyrings, some nice bits and pieces. As we all waited for the bus at the end of the afternoon we compared our loot.

It began to rain, so one of the girls said "Ooh, I'll put my coat on" and rummaged around in her bag, pulling out a very smart packaway raincoat thing. As she was putting it on, on of the guys said "Is it a gizzit?"

"No" she said. "It's got sleeves."

*Gizzit - an abbreviation of the term "Give us it" ie a freebie, American readers

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