Monday, 2 July 2007

Mmmm cake

Back at work after the weekend's festivities in London. It was great to see all the family, plus a few mates, and the birthday cake was superb. I took photos*. If I ever work out how to post pictures on here, I will do so.

It took us four hours to get there on Saturday. 130 miles, more or less. Four bleedin' hours. I think the entire motorway network was a single slow-moving traffic queue.

One thing made me laugh though. Saw a white van driving along the motorway with "Crime pays. See driver for details" written in the dirt on the back. Heh.

The visit was marred slightly by the news from Glasgow, especially as Youngest Sis and her children and friends were all flying out to Spain for their holiday early (i.e. getting up at 4am) on Sunday. Not from Glasgow, but still. No word from them, so we assume they arrived ok, and hopefully are having a fab holiday.

I need a holiday. I really do.

Have booked a few days off work when Mr WithaY's mum comes over to see us but other than that I have nothing planned. I guess I should just book something and tell him about it afterwards or it won't happen. Trouble is, he does his scuba diving stuff so has holidays doing that. Two so far this year. And I had my week away with the girls but I would quite like to go somewhere as well.

Anywhere really. Amsterdam. Barcelona. Paris. Berlin. Padstow. I don't care.


Still, sent our huge 12-months-in-the-making report off to the publishers today so with any luck we can issue it before the end of the day. Hurrah for us. We are great. If a bit tired.

*Of the cake, obviously

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