Friday, 20 July 2007

Rain. And yet more rain.

Working at home this morning, watching the rain heaving down outside. It is really beyond a joke now, this summer weather. Those poor bastards who keep getting flooded.

Mr WithaY met a bloke in the hotel he was staying at in the Midlands this week who had had his house flooded out a few weeks ago. He was living in the hotel while his house got dried out and he tried to decide what to do next. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had only just finished decorating the house when his wife died.

Made all the things I grump about seem a bit less important.

On a more cheerful note, I have been very diligent practicing my blues riffs and they sound pretty good now, which is encouraging. I have asked a colleague if I can go over to his house and play with his son after work some time. His son is a pretty decent drummer, apparently, and my colleague is another aspiring guitarist, so that might be fun.

I have also been messing about with a bit of software called Audacity which allows me to record and edit stuff. I did a couple of songs the other night which sounded ok, so I will mess about with them a bit. Then I'll see if I can get the web broadcast software to work, so I can let some of my lovely online mates hear me in all my glory. Heh.

My three-dimensional mates are all sick to the back teeth with listening to me, so it will be nice to have a new audience to torment.

It is STILL pissing down out there. Bloody hell. It's more like October than July.

Maybe I'll make a cake later. At least the house would smell nice, rather than a bit damp and jungly, like it does at the moment. It's too warm to keep the windows closed, but as soon as you open them, it smells like Belize* in here.

*I assume. I've never been there.

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