Friday, 20 July 2007

Pubs, greatness of

Hurrah! Just got in from a fun night at the pub. Am now full of Jack Daniels and coke. As in the drink, rather than some bloke and drugs.

Very very amusing evening. Am a bit pissed now, frankly. Hurrah!

One of our neighbours is planning to get up at 4am to drive to Bristol to get to the sales early. 4AM! In the MORNING! Fucking mental! We discussed this plan at some length, until one of our other neighbours announced "I wouldn't get up at 4am if I'd pissed the bed." Heh.

I really like the pub without fag smoke in it. Much nicer, and according to the staff trade has increased since the ban, which is interesting.

Aaaahhhhh booze. Great stuff.

Can;t think of anything even remotely interesting so am going to stop before I witter on all bloody night. Will try to have some adventures tomorrow.

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