Thursday, 26 July 2007


Was looking at the bbc website earlier and spotted a story* about a "dangerous heffer" loose in Darlington. I read the whole thing, and the word "heffer" appeared several times.

Hm, I thought. I wonder if that's a regional spelling, or a farm term I am unfamiliar with. I looked it up on, and it doesn't exist.

Just checked the story again, and it now appears that a dangerous heifer is on the loose.

So, two deadly bovine assassins, one of them presumably in a brocade dressing gown and slippers, smoking a pipe.

* Sorry, crap link. I will learn how to do it tidily, I promise.


badgerdaddy said...

Right, how to link tidily... What do you want to know?

You take the URL you are linking to and put it in what is called an anchor tag, I think.

The text looks like this:
Around that go greater than and less than signs, like brackets. Then your text goes after that, which might say something simple like: The Onion.
You close the link (so it's not the whole sentence/page that's the link) with the tag: /A which is again in greater than/less than brackets. Job done!

That any help?

badgerdaddy said...

These guys explain it far better than I:

badgerdaddy said...

Or should I say, these guys explain it far better than I.

livesbythewoods said...

Ha haaaaaa. Thanks badgerdaddy. I'll have a look and learn to be clever.

Anonymous said...

Just saw that as I got back from work tonight on the local news, some old guy relaying the whole tale, and saying it was a mornings entertainment. Great idea of entertainment we have up here, chasing then shooting bulls. I wonder if the police marksman went for the eye.

Oh aaaaand I updated my blog

and also oh wise blog queen, how do theses comments work, someone spammed my blog with a get rich quick (see lose money fast) scheme, I deleted it but I can't see anywhere that lets you censor, does it? Or can anyone come into my blog and start posting spam?

livesbythewoods said...

Hey livesbythetoon, glad you escaped the rampaging Heff.

There's an option you can select to moderate all comments (like I do) so you avoid idiots posting spam, or people being more amusing that oneself.

livesbythewoods said...

Right, go to the "Settings" tab in edit mode. Under the "Comments" heading is an option called "Enable Comment Moderation" - down towards the bottom of the page.

Select that and you should then be able to decide who gets published and who doesn't, much like a Roman Emperor with gladiators.