Saturday, 28 July 2007


Another miserable evening (weatherwise at least), yet more bloody rain.

It is starting to get to me in no uncertain terms, this fucking weather. We had 6 weeks of glorious weather in April and May, then rain from then till now. And the Met Office have cheerfully told us not to expect August to be any better.

Thanks. Bastards.

Mr WithaY has headed off to Yorkshire for a week of summer school. I am heading to my lovely Mum's tomorrow for a few days, then she is coming back to stay here for a few days.

I heard on the news that the police are warning people not to travel because of the predicted terrible weather. Great. Better make sure I pack some wellies and a bar of Kendall Mint Cake just in case.

Am looking forward to spending some time with my Mum next week, we don't get as much time to talk as I'd like. I will take my guitar with me so I can impress all my young and impressionable nieces and nephews. Heh. I love kids.

Other than that, not a lot to say today. Have been very diligent, cleaning, tidying, making up beds, ironing etc, and as a result feel annoyingly smug. Even managed a bit of gardening this morning - cleared out all the weeds from one of the flowerbeds beside the front drive. It's been so wet that they came up easily.

Just as well, because if they hadn't I'd have left the bloody things where they were.

Capability Brown I am not.

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