Friday, 20 July 2007


Remembered one of the conversations in the pub.....

One of our lovely neighbours works in the woods, all over the place. He was talking to another neighbour who works with the police, doing all the very unpleasant stuff associated with scenes of crime, who was enjoying a delicious-looking supper.

They were talking about the particular area of woodland where Neighbour 1 had been working that day.

Neighbour 1 extolled the beauty of the area.

Neighbour 2 (tucking into his supper): Yes, we've found a few people there.

Neighbour 1: Oh? Lost, were they?

Neighbour 2: No. Suicides. (demolishing his chips with gusto) Couple of cars, with hosepipes. Bloke with a bag on his head.

Neighbour 1 (a little crushed): Oh

Neighbour 2: Oh yeah, and swingers.

Neighbour 1: Swingers? (looking faintly distressed now) As in....

Neighbour 2: Swinging from trees...

I love living here. It's an education.

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Manuel said...

Bwahahahahahah that's brilliant