Tuesday, 10 July 2007

oops, forgot a title

Well, my back is still bloody painful, but at least it's not stopping me sleeping any more. Gah. I passed up a trip to London with Mr WithaY and his mum today as I thought a long train journey was not a good idea, and am now bored. They're meeting Mr WithaY's big brother for lunch. I hope they go somewhere fabulous.

Still, there's plenty of tidying up after last night's "last minute" dinner party". I will go and empty the dishwasher, refill it and then make some lunch. And then maybe watch the tv for a while. Ahh, plans, plans, plans.

Did some excellent guitar practice last night before our guests turned up - Mr WithaY's mum came in and said "Oh! I thought you were listening to a record!" which was gratifying.

Phoned my Mum for a quick chat, she is still not too well, but seems to be on the mend, thankfully. I have booked some time off at the end of the month and she is coming up to stay for a few days. We plan to take some day trips to Bath, Stonehenge, Longleat etc, so I hope the bloody weather improves.

I know I'm getting old, the thing I like most about not having to go to work is the extra sleep and no driving.

Ah well, time for some leftover lamb tagine and couscous for lunch. Mmmmmm. Spicy.

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Devon said...

I sympathize with the boredom part. I am back to work this week after a much needed break. I like to chat up friends when I'm bored, and although I had fully expected to see my favorite on this week, thus far I have come up empty.

Hopefully things will improve!