Saturday, 7 July 2007

Smug? Oh yes.

Am now lovelier than any woman in Wiltshire has a right to be, following my haircut.

I went in all lank and droopy (and the hair was a mess too) and my excellent stylist chopped about 4 inches off my layers, tidied up the ends, and hey presto, I look like a 1970s porn star. A fat, 41 year old one, mind. And it's a good look for me.

Actually, there is something of the 1970s Charlies Angels about it too, which is not to be sniffed at.

I always wanted to be the clever one - Kate, was it?

I am delighted. And as if to prove how funky it looks, as I passed a gang of Italian teenagers (male), one of them said "Hey, sexy!" to me.

Hurrah for me and my fab new "approved by Italian teenagers" hairdo.

Also bought some new shoes, which were in the sale, so a result there. And we got some great big loaves of bread from the market to have great big steak sandwiches with for supper. Could today GET any better?

Ooh - also plan to watch the next Lord of the Rings dvd tonight. I am a happy, happy geek.


rivergirlie said...

bloody hell - 'hey sexy'? i have to pay the 'gissue vendor to get him to call me 'babe'. that must have been a shit-hot haircut

Caro said...

Where's the pics of the haircut?