Thursday, 13 September 2007

Wardrobe malfunction

Blimey this feels like a long week.

I think it has something to do with Monday's hellishly early start, then a busy (if depressing) day in the office, then a reasonably stressful day in Bath yesterday, and another busy day in the office today.

And I went to the gym on Tuesday, AND had a guitar lesson. So busy.

My new guitar is away being set up, as it has terrible fret buzz which is really irritating. My lovely guitar teacher is taking it to his mate's to have new strings and a bit of technical tweaking done. I am looking forward to getting it back, as I miss playing it. My Strat is great, but I do prefer the Les Paul.

How fantastic to have the choice of two such incredible guitars. Shame my playing isn't really doing either of them justice. Heh.

Working at home tomorrow so at least I can slouch about in my pyjamas all morning whilst drafting job specifications if I feel like it.

The pyjamas, I mean.

I'll be doing the drafting whether I feel like it or not. Well, they pay me, so I ought to make the effort, really.

Realised this morning that I need to wash my car - that time of year already - because when the sun hits the side windows I can't see through them properly due to the layer of filth plastered over the glass. Such a slattern.

On a more positive domestic note, had a bit of a clear-out last night. I took a load of clothes and shoes out of my wardrobe and am going to try them all on tonight (not all at once, you understand) and anything that is too small, too old, too scruffy, too stained or too frumpy will either make its way to the recycling bin or the charity shop, depending on condition.

I have a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes, but always wear the same few things, so this will be a good way of remembering what else I have, and also clearing some space to put new stuff if I need to.

I seldom buy new clothes because I think "I already have loads" but if I don't wear them, I should get rid of them and make space for stuff I will wear.

In fact today I am wearing a pair of shoes I'd forgotten I had. I was wondering why I'd shoved them to the back of the cupboard as they are quite pretty, I can drive in them, and they go well with my work trousers. I kept wondering right up until they rubbed a huge blister on my instep. Ahhhh. THAT'S why I stopped wearing them! Now I remember.

Good job I have a box of plasters in my desk. Why yes, I was in the Girl did you guess?

I found some suits from Long Tall Sally that I bought in a sale which still had the tickets on them - not worn once in the last 5 years. All two sizes too small when I bought them.

What a fucking waste of money that was, eh?

I'll try them on tonight and if they don't fit (which they just might as I have lost a bit of weight) off to the charity shop they go. And then instead of seeing a row of half a dozen suits when I open the wardrobe, I will see the three I actually wear.

The same goes for the jumpers I bought which don't suit me, the paint-covered jeans with a busted zip, the T-shirts that are too shabby even for the gym, and the many, many bizarre scarves, gloves and bags I have acquired over the last 20 years that are too mental to ever leave the house.

Mr WithaY is away so I have no fear of being discovered dressed like an inept drag queen on a bad hair day.


badgerdaddy said...

I have to ask... Please, can we have some pictures of your dressing-up game? Not nekkid ones, you understand.

livesbythewoods said...

Mmmm, a large grumpy woman in a suit 2 sizes too small...that's got to be one for the "specialist publications" market I think.

Caro said...

You're not a slattern at all. You sound pretty organized getting rid of those clothes.

Now I am a slattern. LOL