Sunday, 23 September 2007

Films you can't find

The whole Talk Like a Pirate day thing set me thinking about one of my favourite films EVER, which you can't get on DVD.


It's called Devil's Treasure, is a version of Treasure Island, stars Charlton Heston as Long John Silver, Christian Bale (as a child!) as Jim, and has a host of superb character actors in the supporting roles. Christopher Lee steps up as Blind Pugh (sp?) for example.

Paddy whatsit from the Chieftans did the music, it was shot in all sorts of glorious locations, the stunts are brilliant, the acting is excellent and it follows the book faithfully.

It's the best pirate* film you'll ever see, and our video copy is all but worn out.

I've searched for years to find it on DVD but no luck. I believe there are contractual issues between various studios/copyright owners/whatever that prevent it being re-released. And it's a crying shame.

*i.e Film about pirates, rather than stolen copyrighted material


badgerdaddy said...

Other films you can't find... Well, couldn't. I asked Warner Brothers once if I could have one of their old, library movies as a covermounted DVD giveaway on a magazine I edited, and they acted like they'd never heard of it. Six months later, it got quite a large release as a 'cult classic'.

Also, Cast a Deadly Spell. A wonderful and very unusual film, impossible to find.

Oh, and Night of the Comet - all but disappeared now. No-one knows who owns the rights, and as far as I can surmise, there's not even an original print in existence. Pfffft. One of the outstanding films of the 80s.

Would also be nice to see the excellent Night of the Creeps get a DVD release.

livesbythewoods said...

I hate when you see a film somewhere and decide to try and buy it, and then discover it's out of print (or the filmic equivalent).

Never heard of any of your films, though. Are they all scary ones?