Monday, 3 September 2007


I ache.

My shoulders and right arm are stiff as hell, and every time I stretch (because I'm not quite tall enough yet) I go "Yow...fuckit!" because I forgot how much they ache.


Not because I have been working hard at the gym.

Not because I have been pulling big weeds out of the garden.

Not even because I have finally tackled the Mount Kilimanjaro of ironing that threatens to overwhelm the whole village before too much longer.


Our lovely mates we stayed with after the party on Saturday have a WII game thingy. You know, one of those ones where you hold the little controller and wave your arms about like an idiot, trying to play darts, or kill goblins or whatever.

I am a natural at boxing, it seems.

Not sure if I'm pleased with that or not, really. Especially as my shoulders hurt so much today. Anyhoo, it was great fun. We also played a bit of "Zelda, Slightly Unconvincing Anime Fairy Princess of the Bog People" or something, which was amusing in a prescriptive kind of way, but I liked the boxing best.

I might get one, as Mr WithaY quite liked it too. I'll look around and see how much they cost. Plus it would entertain the nieces and nephews when they came to visit, rather than them asking what DVDs (loads, none you'll like though), games (loads, none you'll like though) and places to go locally (loads, none you'll like though) are available to them at our house.

That exciting walk to look at the river loses some charm after the third or fourth trip, apparently.

I took the scratch plate off my new guitar at the weekend, so now it looks even lovelier than it did before. Sounds pretty damn fine too.

I am learning the riff for Led Zep's "Black Dog" at the moment, which is hugely satisfying. I play it much too slow, but at least I can remember it properly. I tend to play too fast, so slowing things down a bit is no bad thing.

Took my acoustic guitar to the party but the band who were playing were a bit too serious and musician-y to make me feel ok about playing along. They were very good, but I don't think anything I can play would have worked with their sound. They were very nice and asked me if I wanted to join them, but I declined on the grounds of shyness and ineptness.

Did play Semisonic's "Closing Time" for some of my mates though. Ha. It's surprisingly hard playing the dark, in a field, whilst outside the best part of a bottle of red wine.

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