Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Startled by the news

Bloody hell! Just seen on the BBC website that Anita Roddick died yesterday! What a shock. In St Richard's Hospital in Chichester, where I had my wisdom teeth out. Small world, eh?

I always viewed her as a really positive female role model for girls who had any kind of aspirations in the retail environment that went above and beyond working behind a till.

And I had a real sense of pride in the Body Shop, as Chichester (where I spent my formative years) was I think the second place in the country to have one, after Brighton. So there was a sense of being in at the start of something special. I had my ears pierced at the Body Shop in 1979. What a long time ago that seems like now. Hurt like hell.

They only sold about 6 products, but every girl at school had at least one of them in her bathroom, I bet.

My Middle Sis went out to Romania in the mid/late 1980s as part of a group organised by Anita Roddick to help rebuild the bloody horrible orphanages that were discovered there. In fact she went out there twice. And she met Ms Roddick, and said she was very clever about dealing with the press and everything to get the maximum publicity for the venture.

So I am sorry she's gone. She was a pioneer in many ways,I think. The Body Shop seemed to lose its way significantly after she moved away from it.

I'd have know about this yesterday if I'd watched the news instead of going to the pub, I suppose.

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