Thursday, 6 September 2007

Fame, hopefully fortune

Was watching the TV whilst doing some ironing (domestic goddess, etc etc etc) and what should be up there, not once, but twice in the 45 minutes I was watching?

Longleat, that's what.


Local attraction makes the news. Who'd have thought it?

The first mention was a rather cute story on Channel 4 News featuring meercats (sp?) , and a camera "accidentally" left behind by a photographer.


He "accidentally" left the tool of his trade in a pen full of wild animals, did he?

Not, I note, in the naughty monkey enclosure, where it would have been stripped for parts and welded into their Mad Max stylee car*, no.

No, he left it with the meercats, who as far as I know, don't have many advanced technical or engineering skills. So not much chance of severe damage to the camera then. That was lucky.

Next mention was on some programme about a bloke who'd built a log cabin in Somerset, using (da-da-daaaaa) larch from Longleat Forestry. I was so proud. I'd have saluted, but was afraid I'd burn my ear.

Other news: My barking but lovely mate Lorraine is going to do jousting. On a horse. In a huge suit of armour. At the Tower Armouries. How great is she?

And she's doing it to raise money for a very good cause, so if you want to

a) find out more and

b) sponsor her, please check

*It'll happen, you mark my words.

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