Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Hello Salisbury!

A first for me tonight. I'm off to a colleague's house after work to play my guitar with him (he has a Strat) and his son (a drummer). Never played with anyone else before other than my lovely guitar teacher, so I'm quite excited about it.

My first ever public performance*. In a mate's front room. I can't wait. Heh.

Had an encouraging lesson last night and can now play the Pretenders' "2000 Miles" which is one of my favourite songs to sing.

Also did a nice rhythm guitar version of Hotel California whilst my teacher did all the complicated lead guitar stuff, which worked well. He's just brilliant.

Other news: Watched "Kiki's Delivery Service" the other night on DVD, continuing catching up on my Studio Ghibli acquisitions. It is lovely. Obviously a bit of a childrens' film, but very watchable nonetheless.

Also. Called my Mum for a chat. She's taking Spanish classes in preparation for our planned trip to Santiago de Compostela next year. Apparently she'll do the talking, I'll do the driving. Excellent. Just as long as we both get to some eating and laughing as well, I don't care.

My ever-helpful nieces and nephews are giving their Grandma advice on how to be a student. They've offered to teach her to say "Whassup" and to lend her their trainers, apparently.

Had a joke texted to me by Middle Sis that made me laugh out loud as I walked into the office:

Why did the baker have brown fingers?
Because he kneaded a poo

I know. I should be ashamed. But it made me laugh again just writing it down. Sozz.

*Not counting my mate Andy playing his guitar with me in my kitchen, great fun though that was. Hello Andy!


badgerdaddy said...

Would you say: "Hello Salisbury! Are you ready to rock?"
Or: "Hello Salisbury! Are you ready to... Standing stone?"

livesbythewoods said...


Peter said...

kneading a poo... sadly that just made me splutter too... feel ashamed of myself!

livesbythewoods said...

It's a good feeling though, isn't it?