Saturday, 22 September 2007

Bizarre competition

Was chatting to a neighbour the other day about the rat issue. The rats we sometimes get under our garden shed, that Mr WithaY dispatches with James Bond-like precision.

Anyway, the discussion developed into a "things we've had in the garden" competition.

Me: Hedgehog
Neighbour: Vole
Me: Pheasant
Neighbour: Heron
Me: Partridge
Neighbour: Buzzard
Me: Um....lizard
Neighbour: Cow (apparently it wandered in from a nearby farm and had to be herded back by the farmer several hours later)
Me: Frog
Neighbour: (trumping me with glory) Burglar!
Me: Rat! Ha haaaa!
Neighbour: Tramp! In the greenhouse!

So, she wins.



Mr Farty said...


Which is not bad for a city, I think.

You should tag some people for this, I like it.

livesbythewoods said...

Never had a fox in our garden (as far as I know).

Like the tagging notion...would it be like when a cat leaves a half dead mouse on your carpet?

The next player leaves a half dead frog or whatever on the taggee of their choice?

Maybe we need to formalise the rules a bit.

lavenderblue said...

At the last count I was feeding 7 Foxes...............I love them.

livesbythewoods said...

Hello lavenderblue, nice that you popped by. Seven! Blimey! What do you feed them on?