Sunday, 23 September 2007

Aftermath. And beforemath.

So, dinner last night was fun. Mr WithaY made the word's biggest paella. Well, probably one of the top 20 largest, I bet.

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Mmmm. Fishy.

We drank a lot of lovely wine, and had a great evening catching up with friends, so hurrah for that.

But my burn! Oh lordy! Sooo incredibly disfiguring! I may need some kind of surgical mask until it heals up.

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No, look closer.

There, just by my finger, see it?


It's exactly the same shape as the match head which will make for interesting tales* in the future.

Other news: Mr WithaY and I have been up to Gloucester today to help a very dear friend celebrate her birthday. It was fab.

Loads of nice people, lovely food, champagne (although I just had the one as it was my turn to drive home) and increasingly aggressive and competitive boxing on the Wii.

Heh. Excellent.

But the drive home...the M4 on a Sunday evening. For fuck's sake! What a nightmare. Took us well over an hour and a half to travel less than 50 miles. Gah.

Anyway, it's been a very nice weekend one way and another and I am not feeling too stressed about work tomorrow for a change. Which is nice.

*not really very interesting, but you have to take your entertainment where you find it, I think.

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