Monday, 25 February 2008


Not the spearmint kind. Real ones.

Have had a mate staying for the weekend so have been out and about the place, showing him the sights* and eating vast amounts of lovely food. Hence my lack of posting and general on-line activity for a few days.

In case you were worried.

Yesterday we went for a stroll to Heaven's Gate, a local beauty spot** but as it was a misty day the view was disappointing, so we walked down the path through the trees and had a gawp into Longleat. We saw:

Pere David deer
A variety of other(unidentified)deer
A raven
Oh, and I heard a woodpecker

Two of the rhinos were fighting, which was quite exciting, especially as there was a car broken down in their enclosure. Sadly there were no YouTube moments for us to capture on camera, but it was worth watching just in case.

I bought a load of new guitar strings in the music shop as I managed to break two last week. I tend to break the heavy strings too, not the thin ones which is odd. Maybe I should stop wanging them quite so hard.

Other news: Made scones. Which were damn fine.

*Salisbury cinema, mostly

**and dogging site, allegedly

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