Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Posse etiquette

So, had a good guitar lesson last night. I am off to rehearsals with the band next week, to make sure I have the song right. I'd better listen to it on CD a few times to get the timing right.

My lovely teacher also said that if there are any other songs on the set list I fancy having a go at, I can. Excellent.

The big gig is on Saturday 8th, and Mr WithaY is threatening to "get a posse" along.

I mentioned that he doesn't actually have a posse.

"Ah, you just get one together on the spur of the moment. That's what posses are all about," he explained.

Thank goodness he's here to keep me informed.

I asked him the other day: "If you were reading my blog for the first time, do you think you'd want to get to know me?"

"Hmm, maybe," he replied. "But I think I'd prefer to meet that Mr WithaY bloke. He sounds great."

Other news: Made a fab supper last night. Slow-cooked pork ribs, soaked in that Reggae Reggae marinade. Was lovely. I also boiled up a roast duck carcass and am planning Adventurous Soup.

Mmmmm soup.


badgerdaddy said...

I doubt we'll be able to attend - just had two huge bills in which I wasn't expecting, and we're off to see my friend Mara play on the 7th.

Of course, if you fancy a night in Ludlow, Mara Carlyle's playing here and she's awesome live... Not many guitars though. She might be doing her cover of Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter though, would that help?

livesbythewoods said...

Well that's a shame. Another time, hopefully.

Ludlow isn't that far from here. We once stayed in a very nice B&B/pub place called The Hen and Chickens (I think). Excellent breakfast.

And we found a tea shop that did enormous and excellent cream teas...I have photographs.

Nice place. Might come and visit again soon.