Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lawks II

Well, I am on for my grand stage debut. The band have agreed, so I will have to go along to a rehearsal and see how it goes. How exciting.

Other news: Bro-in-law WithaY is turning up later today to stay the night, which will be nice. Haven't seen him for ages, so we can catch up on his news. I think Mr WithaY is planning to make Venison Surprise* for dinner.

I made a cake last night on a whim. I went to the gym after work (twice this week so far, no stopping me now) so was all full of energy** when I got home, and decided to find a nice cake recipe.

The one I went for is called Nigella's Clementine Cake, where you simmer some unpeeled clementines for 2 hours, then whizz them in the blender and add sugar, eggs, baking powder and ground almonds. Bake, then grate a ton of plain chocolate over the top while it's still hot.

Looks mighty fine, though I say so myself. And the whole house smells pleasantly of stewed clementines. Rather Christmassy.

I feel like I am getting a cold, which is annoying. Especially as a mate is coming over for the weekend and I have all sorts of fun day trips planned. And watching the rugby.

Sad news: Our lovely mates have had one of their cats run over. Not deliberately, I mean. By accident. He was a dear little thing, even though I am not really a cat person. Indeed, I even have photos of Mr WithaY (REALLY not a cat person) holding the little chap, which is unheard of. Poor little bugger.

Guitar development continues, am now playing 12 bar blues, albeit slowly and painfully. My gorgeous teacher and I did a passable version of Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" the other night. I did the rhythm stuff and he did all the clever bits, and it sounded pretty good.

*Venison Surprise: "Oh, I thought this was a bit of beef when I took it out of the freezer"

**Inner dolphins


Caro said...

I'm sorry about the kitty. :(

How was your cake? Was it flour-free?

livesbythewoods said...

Hi Caro, yes, it was sad news.

The cake has no flour in it, just a load of ground almonds. It is very moist and tastes fantastic.