Friday, 20 June 2008

Finding My Way

Ah, the summer Solstice. A time of deep, profound, mystical communing with the Earth and all of mankind, bathed in the glow of the dawn light.

Sadly, to do all that, you have to get to Stonehenge. Which is what every fucker in the West of England is trying to do this afternoon.

It has taken me over an hour and a half to get home from work, even after I baled out early to beat the traffic.

I thought I'd be cunning and go the back way, taking in a grand tour of Military Establishments of the South West. I avoided the A303, and instead went through Tidworth, then Bulford Camp, gleeful and confident. I got to an unmarked junction and took a guess, trusting to luck and my own sense of direction. To my dismay, I ended up back on the A303, going in the wrong direction, back towards work.

How I laughed.*

I gave up and did a U-turn, which was interesting, and then went back along the route I normally go. Where I would have been 40 minutes earlier, if I hadn't taken the back way, in fact.

I did cut off across country after that to avoid going past Stonehenge itself. I could see the traffic queue from the top of the hill, and it looked like hell on toast.

Finally made it home, exhausted and harrowed. It's pissing down with rain now. That'll be nice for them all, stood out there in a field, waiting for the night to end.


Other news. Another mental week at work. I'm starting to panic about it all, but strangely, running around waving my arms and making Daffy Duck noises isn't helping things.

I have to flog up to Bedford (fucking Bedford!) next week for 2 days which is a hassle I could do without, but it might get me some useful contacts. Last year I got a freebie teddy bear too, so not an entirely wasted day.

We're off to a party this weekend, supposedly in a garden, so I am really hoping the rain stops. We went to a great more or less impromptu** one last weekend, and ended up sitting under the stars till 2am, drinking wine and chatting. Was fab, but has given me Summer Party Fever, so now I want to do that every weekend.

Mr WithaY found out that his dad has had a nasty fall and is in hospital so we plan to go and see him over the weekend too. Poor bugger.

I need to practice my guitar a bit too, as I have been asked to bring it (and the amp!) to the party tomorrow. Be a bit embarrassing if I set it all up and then was unable to remember how to play anything. Heh.

*I didnt really. I said "FUCKING HELL" several times, quite loudly.

**i.e: The hosts put in a ton of work, we turned up and ate all their food and made lots of noise. Hurrah.


badgerdaddy said...

I love Daffy Duck. Really. He's amazing, easily my favourite cartoon character ever. What other character could get away with lines like "Girls, you'd better hang on to your boyfriends" and the wonderful "Mayhap, perchance – foppish as I am – I might be the Scarlet Pumpernickel?"


livesbythewoods said...

My sisters and I are able to brilliant impressions of the "hair on fire" Daffy Duck noises.

It's a family gift.