Monday, 9 June 2008


This weekend I have been mostly enjoying the fantastic weather, making cupcakes and going sightseeing.

A mate has been over for the weekend and so I have done the hostess thing and shown them the sights of the local area. We went for a walk around the village on Friday afternoon, as it was all looking rather lovely in the sunshine. I took some old bread to feed any ducks we might see hanging about on the river.

We spotted a very large group of ducks in the distance, away downstream, and I lobbed some little scraps of bread into the river to entice them our way. The ducks more or less completely ignored us. The trout though...well, they went loopy.

I have never seen anything like it, outside of a BBC documentary about the kinds of fish that can strip a cow to the bone in 5 seconds. The water boiled. Not literally. It's not quite that warm. Next time I take bread over there I am also taking a big net.

On Saturday we went over to Old Wardour Castle, a place I have a great fondness for. I took pictures, and will post them up in a bit.

When I get back from Bristol. Again.

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