Monday, 23 June 2008

Up the wooden hill

Well didn't the weekend just fly by?

We had a rather traumatic trip to hospital on Saturday to see father-in-law WithaY who has had a very nasty fall and is in a pretty bad way. At least he has been moved to a slightly nearer hospital today so we can get there more easily.

Went to the party on Saturday night which was lovely, met lots of people for the first time, including a terrifyingly keen chap who had brought many, many musical instruments. He spotted my case, and was demanding that I get my guitar out this instant, despite me having literally just walked in out of the rain, dripping water all over the hall floor. Still, we played a few songs* which was fun.

Such a shame about the weather, but it was warm enough to stand under the marquee in comfort and admire the fire and the twinkly lights. All very atmospheric.

Sunday was spent in a blur of domestic activity** and eating a fine roast duck Sunday Dinner.

I am away for a few days now, about to head off to a friend's house for dinner and a bed, then driving to Bedford at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Pray for me. The M25 will be hell.

*Later. After I'd taken my coat off and been handed a drink.
**Ironing. Gah.


badgerdaddy said...

Pray for you? I've got five hours on the train to Newcastle and paying the princely sum of £100.40 for the privilege.


Mind you, gives me five hours or so of praying time, by my calculations.

Slyde said...

i didnt know you played an instrument... thats pretty cool!

Slyde said...

i didnt know you played an instrument.. that so cool!

Caro said...

I hope your FIL is feeling better soon.

livesbythewoods said...

Ah, badgerdaddy, hellooooooooo! Trains are almost as crap as driving. And much more expensive. I got to Bedford and back for ooh, about 50 quid in diesel. Bargain.

Slyde, do keep up. Tch. I am a guitar hero wannabe. I have my own axe and everything.

Caro, thank you. We are keeping our fingers crossed.