Monday, 2 June 2008


It's all pants. Well, at work it is, at least. Once again, life does not resemble Star Trek.

Picture the scene...Most of our colleagues have gone to work in Bristol, the remainder have moved to another part of the building so we can all sit together. Synergy and all that good stuff.

So far so good.

There were a few minor spats about who sits where (window seats - as precious as the treasure of the Sierra Madre, apparently), where the coat racks were going, who sits nearest the recycling bins and the noisy printer. All that kind of stuff.

But it got resolved. Every one has a desk, a chair, a phone and a computer. However. Not everyone has a working computer. In fact me and a colleague have got spanking new computers on our desks, but are still using the old computer system, which has different hardware.

We are going to be transferred to the new system in November 07/Feb 08/Early May 08/ last Friday/next Wednesday/whenever they fucking feel like it*. So we wait.

So, if I want to use email, write stuff, do presentations, look at the project plan or indeed, do any of my work, I have to leave my desk (where the phone is) and go to my old desk, across the other side of the building. There is a phone we have lifted from another desk, but we have no idea what the number is. The old phones have been disconnected, see, because we moved.

I come back to my "new" desk and I can't do any work unless it is with a paper and pen, or face to face with my immediate colleagues, as all the information I need is on the IT. Including the telephone directory, so I can't even ring people without asking other people to find the numbers for me.

I come back to my "old" desk and can't be contacted except by email. Oh, and my team are all disgruntled because they are having to answer my phone, and I am not around to talk to them.

As Marcellus Wallace would say, pretty fucking far from ok.

Other news: Mr WithaY's Landrover has gone in for some welding. A week without Landrover trouble is like a meal without wine. Or something.

Garden looks nice though.

*Delete as applicable


B.E. Earl said...

Very nice Pulp Fiction quote...I've been hearing a lot of them recently.

I called a friend Tony Rocky Horror the other day (because of a foot fetish comment), but he didn't get the reference.

livesbythewoods said...

*tch* Slow on the uptake mates eh? Who needs them?

Slyde said...

u sure we dont work at the same company? when we changed computer systems i basically had 3 desks, one to answer my phone, one to check emails, and one to run programs...

that was fun! not.

livesbythewoods said...

Slyde, it would be funny if it wasn't giving everyone heart attacks. Still, at least my home PC works.

So far.